Stripes, Checks, and Imbalances

Wouldn’t it be fun sometime to have a mismatch party? When we can all let go of any fashion rules and wear whatever we want. Imagine being in a roomful of women who have given up the “perfect outfit” look for something totally outside of the box. Kind of like an ugly Christmas sweater party. Let’s face it women dress for other women. We all love seeing fashion on our friends and finding a new way to wear something. What if for one night we all wore things that didn’t match at all? We didn’t care about “looking good” it was more about having fun and being mismatch crazy! Not matching anything at all. Wearing things that would never, ever go together. How fun that would be!

One day, our neighbors little girl Frances knocked on our door to deliver the Girl Scout cookies we had ordered. I noticed she was wearing a cowboy boot on one foot and a sandal on the other. She was also wearing a blue tutu with a green and yellow striped top. She had a pigtail on one side of her head and not the other. Everything was out of balance. I asked her “Frances, how come you are wearing 2 different shoes?” She replied, “Its mismatch day at school and we get to do whatever we want.”She was so lit up about it. I thought how fun. I thought how insane it would seem if I or anyone else over 50 tried to do that. We would get locked up! That’s when I decided it would be a great idea for a party. Who’s with me?

“Style is a simple way of saying complicated things.”
—Jean Cocteau


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