Out of the Closet

Did you know that 80% of the time, we wear only 20% of what’s in our closet? We hold onto things much longer than we should. We keep thinking we will wear them again, but we don’t. Maybe we think we’ll lose the weight and it will fit better in a few months. Maybe we have an emotional attachment to a particular piece of clothing. Like the gorgeous green dress we were wearing the night we met our husband? So what if that was 17 years ago, right? Does it fit and flatter you now, darling? That is the question.

It’s important to do an inventory. If your closet is filled with things that fit and flatter you, then it should be easy to pick something out. You should love everything in there! If you don’t, rethink it. And, organize your pieces, otherwise it’s not only confusing; but time consuming when selecting your outfit. Hang all your skirts together, your blouses together, jackets together, etc. It’s much easier that way.

Here’s a great tip – do the hanger trick – turn it around; if you haven’t worn it in awhile; let it go. Get rid of the old to make room for the new. In fact, make it a habit to donate an old piece for every new piece you bring in. I know that sounds extreme, but trust me it works. Remember the 80/20% rule. That blue blouse you’ve been hanging onto may no longer serve you; but I guarantee the woman who finds it in the consignment/thrift shop will be thrilled! One woman’s old treasure is another woman’s new one. If you need a closet intervention, call me — I can help. I’m here for you, sister!

I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.”
—Carrie Bradshaw

Coming up next week…..are you in danger of a hostile makeover? Find out.

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