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Want to go from hot mess to Hot Flashionista? We can do that!

As your Personal Mojo Consultant, I will work with you on several different areas depending on your needs. Ok, here’s the fine print: I am not a doctor (although I have played one on TV!) therefore, I strongly encourage you to have an open and communicative relationship with your doctor about all of your symptoms. It’s equally important to heed his/her medically recommended solutions. That being said, I believe that our work together can serve as a life-changing adjunct to what you and your doctor can accomplish.  What you and I will work on consists of topics generally not covered with your physician. Consider me your confidante. We can talk about all the things that may feel exacerbated by your symptoms. I’ve been there. I know. You can trust me.

The foundation for my program is The Four Play Package which encompasses the following fab four categories: Fashion, Beauty, Health and Mindset.

Because self awareness rocks,we will start with a free one hour consultation to determine our strategy. Together we will review your “Assess My Hot Mess-ness” questionnaire. From there, we will explore how to create a change of life that you love! The Menopause Mojo Program will ignite a spark in you that results in a new way of experiencing this crazy little thing called “the change”.

Here are some of the juicy details:

The Four Play Package$250 (Introductory Price)
Hot Flashionista2 Hour Session
The first step in becoming a Hot Flashionista is being confidently clothes-minded! Knowing what looks best on you and finding your unique fashion personality will be the result of this fun and fabulous session. You can choose to have either a “closet intervention” or a “fashion field trip” with me. If your closet is overflowing and you know you have some gems in there, I will help you uncover them and show you how to make the most with what you’ve got; including accessorizing with the right scarf, belt, jewelry, etc. If you want to take a field trip, we will have fun finding the perfect pieces to make you shine! I can work with any budget, so no worries there. You will learn my secrets about where to shop for the most value. Depending on where you live, we can take advantage of discounts that I’ve negotiated with some of the best boutiques around! We will find things for you that are so amazing it will cause everyone who sees you wearing it to say “Where did you get that?! It’s fabulous!” I promise. ($100 if purchased separately)
Beauty Full1 Hour Session
Beauty secrets will be revealed about where to find the best deals in skincare and cosmetics. You know I love my makeup! I was a freelance make-up artist for Christian Dior, Borghese, Prescriptives and Elizabeth Arden where I learned some of the best tricks of the trade. I will show you how much fun it can be to sit in a makeup chair and get treated like the superstar you are! And, you know by now that our makeup goes on much better when our skin is healthy and happy. Are you taking good care of your skin? Are you In need of a great facial? Have I got a gal for you! Again, as my client, you will be privy to discounts with select retailers and service providers. How cool is that?! ($50 if purchased separately)
Hot, Happy and Healthy1 Hour Session
The categories we will cover include: sleep, sex, exercise, nutrition and of course, hormone health. These are all an integral part of having a happy, healthy change of life. We will assess where you are in each of these areas and how we can make changes and improvements using tools that are designed specifically for women in our stage of life. Through a series of questions, we will uncover your concerns about menopause and hormone therapy. We will determine what stage you are in peri-current-post. You will receive a list of questions to ask your health care provider about your options for managing your symptoms. You will be given suggested reading materials and on-line community resources that fit your particular needs. Together we will create a strategy for building a network of support for you. ($75 if purchased separately)
Mojo Mindset1 Hour Session
As a Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer, I will teach you how to create a change of life that you love. You will learn more deeply about how your thoughts and beliefs affect your attitudes and outcomes. Intention creation and a daily gratitude roll call will help you get your shift together and maximize your results. We all know that makeovers are great but they don’t stick unless we change from the inside. Remember, the secret is not in how we look, but how deep we are willing to look. ($75 if purchased separately)