Menopause and Depression

Is there a direct correlation between menopause and depression? Last week we talked about banishing the blues. We all experience occasional funks. But, if those blues turn into a dark cloud that just won’t go away, we might be in full blown depression. If that’s the case, it’s time to seek help. Remember, you are the expert on you! Talk to your doctor in a clear and strong voice about finding options and solutions that are right for you.

  • Talk therapy is a great option
  • Retail therapy is a close second
  • If you need medication, there is no shame in that! Do what’s right for you.
  • Check your hormones (you knew I was going to say that, right?!)

You are not alone. Learn more about how other women handle menopause and depression. Watch the Hot Flash Havoc two minute trailer and then stream the movie for the big picture on how you can start feeling better now! You will be enlightened, informed and entertained!

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