It all started when I was faced with the daunting decision to have a total hysterectomy.

Let’s face it; having a hysterectomy is a big decision. I decided to have fun with it.

So, I ordered this t-shirt that says “hysterectomies…..all the cool girls are getting ‘em”. I wore it to the hospital and everyone loved it. It helped me keep my sense of humor and lifted the spirits of everyone who saw it. How cool is that?! I also created a “writing as a healing tool” technique that helped me immensely. I wrote a goodbye letter… a goodbye to “U” letter. It was very profound indeed. It helped me complete a body mind connection and come full circle with accepting the surgery and all that it meant. It was so moving in fact, that I decided to then write a letter back from my U to me. It may sound silly, but trust me, it was incredibly transformative. I now teach that technique to other women who are facing the same difficult decision.

I speak to groups of women who hold, what are now becoming fairly widespread, “farewell uterus” parties. We’ve come a long way baby, from Tupperware parties, right?! I love seeing how women support each other in this process.

This page will be devoted to those who are bestowed with the Hyster-Sisterhood T-Shirt.
The goal is to pass the t-shirt along to a woman facing surgery. She will wear the shirt, have her photo taken in it and then write a short paragraph or two about how it helped her, humored her and her healing process. And, then it’s passed along again; thus becoming the Hyster-Sisterhood of The Traveling T-Shirt. The recipient will also (if she chooses) receive personal consultations with me on the aforementioned “writing as a healing tool” technique.

Each month we will feature our newest uterus-less member. She will share her photos and story here. This sharing will serve as a catalyst in her healing as well as inspiring other women who are facing the same challenge.

We are all in this together. We are all deliciously different and we are all divinely connected. It’s a beautiful thing when we come together to love and support each other. So if you or someone you know is about to go uterine free, have them call me! We would love to feature them here.

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