Are You in Danger of a Hostile Makeover

When we talk about fashion, it is not about looking perfect all the time. We don’t need to over think what we wear to the bank or the grocery store, right? But, we can still look pulled together when we are dressed casually. It’s simple, keep it simple. If you are going to wear your yoga clothes when you are running in and out of Target, Home Depot and Petco, at least wear good shoes. Whether it’s practical ballet flats or nice clean running shoes; wear something decent. Whatever it takes to feel pulled together; it’s always better than feeling like you are falling apart. A little lip gloss couldn’t hurt either. I support you in looking and feeling your best no matter what. However, if you are caught wearing the occasional, inadvisable dirty old sweatpants out in public, I may be compelled to perform a hostile makeover. And, please for the love of cleanliness is next to godliness, check for stains. Carry a Tide-to-go stick in your purse, gym bag and car.

Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness.

Coming up next week…stripes, checks and imbalances. Stay tuned!

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